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2017 BC Country Music Association Female vocalist of the Year Nominee recently released her new single, ‘As Long As I’m Awake’ produced by Scott Cooke (Scotty Chops), known for his work with Florida Georgia Line, Chris Lane, Chase Rice and Dallas Smith to name a few. She’s looking to build off of her last single with Cooke, 'I Wanna Go There' which charted in the top 100 across Canada. Danielle was also the recipient of the 2015 BC Country Music Assoc. Ray McAuley Horizon Award & the 2015 Canadian Country Music Assoc. Spotlight Performance winner, as well as a 2016 BC Country Music Assoc. Female Artist of the Year and Songwriter of The Year Nominee. She is currently back in the studio working with Cooke on her 2018 project.


  • Danielle's musical inspirations include, Stevie Nicks, Freddie Mercury, Michael Jackson, Ed Sheeran, and Bruno Mars.

  • Danielle HATES cilantro and goat cheese

  • Danielle also holds a United States Ballroom Dance Champion Title.
    "2013 US 10-Dance National Champion"




While Danielle could be heard singing her ABC's loud and proud long before she could talk, music undeniably became the love of her life. She was involved with Early Childhood Music programs from the age of 3, Suzuki Violin at 5 years, piano, choir, school bands (many of which earned very high accolades and awards) playing percussion and the alto saxophone, to the dedicated, genuine, blossoming artist she is today.


2015 CCMA Spotlight Performance
2015 BCCMA Ray McAuley Horizon Award
Danielle Marie The Woman


Ever since I was a little girl I always knew that I wanted to inspire people to DO BETTER and to BE BETTER. I’ve always wanted people to see and believe that they are capable of doing whatever they set their minds too. Hard work, dedication, and determination will get you far in life - no matter your path. Mine just so happens to be music - I have also recently discovered as I continue to grow, ​that I have a very entrepreneurial brain and have taken on an at home business helping others create a life for themselves and get healthy while doing so. Whatever your passion may be.. whether people doubt you or not… go for it with all of your heart and don’t give up. You just might surprise yourself! <3

Never to be Forgotten DANCE LIFE!

I ventured into the world of ballroom dance when I was 13 and before that I trained in Ukrainian dance at the age of 8. By grade 10 I was so in love with Ballroom that I moved to a school with an elite athlete program that allowed me to train and compete at the level necessary to achieve my personal goals. It was hard leaving friends behind but it also meant I was surrounded by people pursuing their dreams and instead of peers telling me I would never go anywhere.

If there is one thing that dance has done for me, it would be that it prepared me for life! The amount of discipline, hard work, drive and passion that it takes to compete and win a title is incredible. Most of my training with my dance coach is packed into 8 hour days with 15 minute breaks. Wow! I have so much respect for the dancers that make it a life long career.

I come from a family of high achievers, my siblings were also involved in elite athlete programs. My 15 year old sister won the 12 & Under Canadian Espoir National Synchronized Swim Championship and my brother moved away from home at the young age of 15 to pursue his dream of goaltending in the hockey world. We had a magnet at home on the fridge that said:

“Don’t let small minds convince you that your dreams are too BIG!”

I believe you can do what ever you set your mind to and there is no dream too big!

Danielle Marie Vegas


During training season I travelled to Vegas a couple of times a month, and at the competitions I represented the state of Nevada.

Training season was 12 months of the year. I traveled to Vegas every other weekend and represented the State of Nevada at competitions through the US and Canada.

I trained in Vegas because that is where my coaches Sergei Shapoval & Ania Tarnowska trained and taught. They were both Champion ballroom dancers with over 25 years experience.

Traveling to dance required a lot of time and meant that I had to make up for school work missed. This taught me all about priorities and time management. I do miss dance and someday I hope to return to it for fun!!

Danielle Marie Competition

Competition - THE LAST DANCE

Competition season was an opportunity to display all the hard work and training through the year and to be given feedback by a jury of professionals in the dance world to perfect my craft.

Dance has truly taught me discipline and dedication. If you want something, you work for it! I had to train very hard to prepare for Nationals as well as enter as many competitions as possible so the judges got to "know you" on the dance floor. September 2013, I went to the US National Dance Championships and came home with the U.S. Open Pro/Am International Style 10 Dance Championship Silver L-A TITLE.

I had become extremely ill that summer which landed me in the hospital for a couple of weeks. On August 14th that summer, just before Nationals, I competed in the Nevada Star Ball ten days after discharge. Against the doctors recommendation, I competed and ended up placing with thirteen 1sts and two 2nds in single dances and winning both Silver Latin Championship and a Scholarship!

2013 had me compete twice in Las Vegas, Vancouver, Wisconsin, Los Angeles, Chicago, Minneapolis, and finally Florida for the Nationals. 2014 it became very clear to me that I needed to give my music 100% of me, The San Francisco Open was my last competition.

Danielle Marie Training


Training was very hard work but it was also a lot of fun!

For three days straight, twice a month, Sergei had me train for 8 hours a day with 15 minute breaks. The rest of the time I would train in Edmonton.

Danielle Marie Travel


With my dance and music I got to travel many times a month. After a while it did get a little tiring but it was still so exciting. I got to meet all kinds of people and I was lucky enough to stay with a family in Vegas that took amazing care of me while I was down there.

I moved to Vancouver in September 2014 right after Graduation. This helped cut down on the traveling and put me directly in line with my music people.

If you see me on the plane make sure you say hi!